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SN - Dean

update on things

Posted on 2007.02.21 at 20:11
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Last Monday I went in for a follow-up with the doctors office... apparently it's just as I thought... nothing definative.

Which means we still don't know why I Would have gone into sudden premature labor like I did... Conrad was perfectly healthy and thriving so we know it wasn't anything wrong there. The only two findings that they had and knew of for sure was that I had the leak in my amniotic sac... and that I apparently had an internal bacterial infection. I can't honestly remember the name of it, but it isn't normally recognized as one found along with these kinds of issues.

So, the plan now is... I'm on antibiotics to stop the infection and I'm back on the pill. Dr. Drolet mentioned not to try again for at least 3 months so that I have enough time to heal. Ivey and I decided that we're not going to be "trying" at all... it might be considered again in at least a years time.

I'll be back to work Monday, March 5th. It's hurt me a bit to be out for such a long time, not only am I going to be behind... but I'm actually going to be without pay for about a week and a half which kinda sucks. At least there is a little bit of good news, my pay raise goes into effect now... yippee! And apparently I DID make the fourth quarter bonus... so I must have done something right at the last minute, because last I heard I was just "on the edge" of making that bonus. :)

I think I might attend the Horrorfind Weekend the first weekend of March... at least Saturday. I don't know that I'll be there all weekend... but I know I'll try to make it at least a day to see what's happening. Besides, I just need to get out and do something.


p.s. I'll update everyone on how the Edward Scissorhands Ballet went later, just to keep you all in suspense over something.

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