Celestial Heaven (purekitte) wrote,
Celestial Heaven

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it's monday

it's 6am...
i'm at work...
it's boring...
i'm eating a banana...
it's yummy...

actually i just learned yesterday that eating bananas will keep mosquitos away (apparently they don't like the potassium) so now i think i will eat them more often.

okay, seriously i appologize for that... i'm not awake just yet.

okay, i lied again, i'm not sorry... that was funny to me... and i would do it again in a heartbeat!

see i told you! just couldn't help myself...

i promise that is the last one... i'm to the point where i'm awake (but not really) and i'm super giddy! i'll work on it. (please pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain)


i swear! that is the last time!!!!!


oh... this is going to be one great morning...
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