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Customized Blythe Narnia doll... the first attempt

This is my first attempt at customized blythe! This was originally a blonde from the Kenner Ashton Drake series... I originally started this just as something to do for fun and for myself, but I think since the dolls themselves are so expensive to buy it's too pricey a hobby for me to do all the time unless I sell them, but in the meantime it'll be a fun thing to do on the side! (along with all the tons of other projects I've been doing!) LOL

OH!! Also, let me know if any of you have any fun "junk" you want to send me to use for photo props since I think I might want to get into some photography... I'll be selling some art again soon too... this time FOR REAL... everything must GO! I'm putting everything into the savings account we started for Conrad... we're going to save for a house and who knows, maybe a wedding in our future??? (I think the only reason why he hasn't popped the question is cause we're too broke to afford a wedding! lol) Anyways... lots of things to do before planning another little ones future.

I've managed to save a meager $700.00 since I opened the account in December and I have donated $150.00 to the March of Dimes this month... I also *think* I've paid off my doctors bills... I haven't seen any come in the mail in a while... lets hope!

Take a look and bid on ebay:

The Ice Queen

*All comments are appreciated, tell me what you think! Hey, I won't be offended, it's my first try*

p.s. will let everyone know when the art goes on sale again... seriously... i'm gonna let it all go so i hope you like some of the stuff i've done in the past!


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