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Itsy Bitsy Spyder....

This is Spyder's Tail...

Last week we discovered that one of the stray black cats who hangs out around our house had babies under the shed... of course the parents are wild and we wanted to get the babies away as soon as we could so that they would get good homes. Unfortunately, there's not enough room to get them from under the shed and the mother had been doing a great job of hiding them from us...

Yesterday morning I walked outside as Ivey was leaving for work and I waved at him as he went down the driveway in his big white work van. Suddenly he was backing up back into the driveway, he came back to let me know one of the kittens had been hit by a car and was dead on the road. I was so heartbroken! We scooped him up and buried him in the backyard behind the shed where he was born... I was sick with worry about the other kitten now, I could only hope I could get him before something bad happened to him too!

Later on the same day I heard a kitten crying by the garage outside. Fat Cat walked out and was sniffing around as usual... I asked him if he knew where the baby was (I swear this cat can understand me... he REALLY seems to act like he does!) so he walked over by the garage and sniffed in a spot by the corner of the house... sat there and looked back at me. I went over to look and didn't see anything... but I saw the momma cat in the yard. I knew he was nearby and I couldn't find him. I waited to see if I could hear him again...

Later on that evening we were grilling some steaks and I heard the cry again. When I turned the corner the momma cat was sitting where Fats had gone earlier. I still heard him crying and it got louder as I crept up next to her to see. Our water drain pipe has a huge hole in the side and he fell down in! I completely panicked! Ivey came out with a scarf and tied it to the side and stuffed it down as far as he could hoping that the baby would be able to climb its way out.

It worked! I was so relieved when I saw the little one pop out of the spout. He hid under the plants in the front yard, I caught him and brought him in. I left him in a little "tent" travel carrier I have for my ferrets and fed him some enfamil baby formula that I had recieved as a freebie only last week. (Wierd timing)

Today he went to the vet to get checked out. I found out that the kitten was a little boy... so I decided to name him "Spyder," after the nursery rhyme. He's probably about 4 weeks old. His eyes were all goopy... so he got some eyedrops to clear that up and some "yummy" bubblegum flavored anti-biotics that he doesn't mind taking cause it tastes good. He has a cut on one of his lower eyelids that needs to be stitched. Usually our vet takes in cats or kittens and finds homes for them, but right now they're full! So we now have this little baby in our care for at least the next two weeks. The vet gave me 10% off his visit and a free bag of kitten science diet for him. I love my vet! When I take him in for his next appointment we'll either post a flyer for him to get a new home or we'll be able to give him to them to find him a home if they have room. But in the meantime it makes me feel good to know that I'm providing him with care. I don't care that it's costing me a little bit of money and time... it's so worth it to know that he's going to be just fine.

So he's "camping" out in the laundry room in our basement... literally!!! I have him in a kids sized tent! He got a "no rinse" bath today and a new pet bed and some kitty yarn balls to play with. I come down and hold him from time to time, I want him to get used to seeing people and being held. Can you believe by 4:00 pm today he's PURRING!!!

It's so hard not to get attached when they're this sweet & little...


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