Celestial Heaven (purekitte) wrote,
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I'm sorry I keep disappearing, this has been a horrible year that I simply can't wait to be over with!!!! (now let's just hope there is a better 2008 in store for kitte...)

I've been running around like an insane person for months now. it doesn't feel like it's ever going to end, just as relief is in site... something else comes up.

I'm totally broke, back in debt again... but so many things have come up this year with my hospital bills, Ivey's mom moving, my DUI... (yep... unfortunately i got caught and now i have to pay.) and Sky's wedding... then Christmas on top of it all!

Yep! My little brother just got married on Saturday, Dec. 1st! He gave us all about 3 weeks notice... i feel like i haven't slept or taken a breath since.

P is finally moved into her apartment... that's all good. i feel a little bit more normal again and ivey and i have our own space once more. it's been quite an expense for us and time consuming though!

I'll add more later!!
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