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SN - Dean

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Posted on 2008.01.06 at 05:39
Current Location: at work
Current Mood: boredbored
Trying to go over all of my receipts and bills from last year and organize a budget for this year that may help me figure out how to get out of my debts and into saving some money for all those things i need to do... yikes! wish me luck! i'm back at it again tomorrow...

i was thinking about selling some of my older artworks again... i hate to part with them, but at the same time they've been in storage for so long... i just want them to be enjoyed... not sure how to go about doing it. hopefully i'll figure that out soon!

finally got a new cell phone 3 days ago! it's the LG enV :) i got the orange color... creative ;) funny thing is it seems like everyone got the same phone!!! i think both Punquin & Photoboy have posted pictures using their phones.
i love having the texting on my phone now and it takes pretty decent pics for a cell phone. 2.0 mpx versus the typical 1.3 mpx. most of my photos for the 365/6 photo project are probably going to come from phone...

i did also get a new camera for christmas this year too! nothing too extensive, not like my mom's new 10mpx! but it's got 8mpx... i can't complain. it's much nicer than my old camera! looks like i will be setting up a photo studio in the basement after all ;)

i'm so hungry! i can't wait to go home... one hour left till i'm done with work!

my little guy is a wired up junkie!!!

i thought when spook got back from the vets office he would be sleepy as hell... well, it turns out that the pain patch they put on him has him hyped up like you wouldn't believe! i went in this morning to give the little guy his food and water. (he couldn't have any for the rest of the day) he was like a starved little monster! it was so funny watching him try to maneuver around his cone... i feel bad for him that he has to wear that stupid thing, but can certainly understand why he needs to wear it.

so he got food and water everywhere! he spilt his water dish over twice and got himself completely soaking wet. He was really good about using the litter box even with the way he is right now... but of course he used it WHILE he was still soaking wet and got litter all over his legs. Poor guy is a total wreck! i wiped him down a little later when i gave him his medicine... we're going to move him into the guest bedroom (right now he's the soon-to-be craft room) and clean the room out completely so that he can be in a clean room all the time while he heals.

ugh! i can't wait for these two weeks to be over and to have my kitty back the way he was...



timberlandbill at 2008-01-07 03:22 (UTC) (Link)
Poory little guy... As if it's not bad enough to have to go through all the surgery crap, now he's a cone head...
Celestial Heaven
purekitte at 2008-01-07 06:47 (UTC) (Link)
i know!!! and tomorrow he gets the pain patch taken off... so my loopy little guy who wasn't feeling any pain is going to be coming down off of some harsh crap and will certainly be feeling sore... :(
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