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A New Beginning in Spring

Well, it's 2005... I've been a member of LJ since September 24th, 2000! So I've been on here for almost 5 years, hard to believe! Of course I've changed the name and begun a new account. Previously I was known everywhere as purekitte But over time I drifted away from the internet, coming and going... I've been pretty busy with the changes of life!

So, here are some updates of the past 2 years for those who care to know what's been going on during my mysterious disappearances...
(2 years is about my estimate of how long I've been out of touch)

*I Moved from my first apartment here in Baltimore in September of 2003: then another 4 times by February 2004... (yes, I moved 5 times in 6 months!) then finally moved again in January 2005. That's pretty much where the disappearance originated... I mean, that's a lot of moving! It wasn't possible for me to get online for the most part of that time.

*I worked at Petco (2003), then got fired 6 months later for speaking up about Petco's unethical treatment of animals... then about 4 months after that I was in an interview with Del Walters against Petco which aired last winter.

*After working for that lovely corporation of death I began working as a waitress at a Persian restaurant called "The House of Kabob." It had great food, was filled with interesting people... but most nights were slow because it wasn't in the most high traffic area, so the pay was great some nights and crap others... when winter hit and got closer to the holidays things really started to look pretty bad. I really didn't want to leave them stuck like that, but it's survival of the fittest... and the job wasn't paying my bills.

*After Christmas (2004) I started my new job with Hotel Marriott! My first day was actually December 30th... I really do love it, my friend smokingferret thought it was just so funny because now we both work in hotels. Yea, so at least we're dorky together! hehe! The pay isn't very high, but it's got great benefits and of course it will pay higher as I go... not too worried about it. The benefits alone will be a nice change!

*Also 2 days after Christmas my baby, Little Smith, passed over the rainbow bridge. She was only 5, and heathly until the day she went... it was pretty shocking for me. I would have expected her to have lived to be a real old ferret... I miss her so much. Life definitely hasn't been the same without her around.

*My buddy Jimmy is getting married!

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