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long time coming!

sorry, i'm a non-updating ass ;)

so i'm totally thinking about taking this strip aerobics class!

either this weekend or next weekend i'll be going to the introduction course... i was thinking maybe funana107 or ladiekae would want to join me??? hehe just maybe ;) i mean, hey! you guys live near enough!! it'd be fun! i will have to work some extra hours to save up some extra cash for sure... pinkpixies7 went to the intro class and loved it... so of course i know it'd be right up my alley ;) thanks for the tip girl! if i get into it to you know it will give us more ops to catch up! the more the merrier, right? i even called my manager to ask her if she wanted to join in, but of course she has to work during the intro class times... but we'll get her eventually! let's take over a class, beetches! ;) who's in?!

haha now it's got me wanting one of the moveable stripper poles!

on another note, i've got to take little Mokey to the vet next Tuesday, she's not been the same since Smith passed away... i think she might actually be depressed. She's lost weight and she's already a little runt. I tried getting Love Bug just to be her new pal... but it really didn't work very well... Love hasn't taken to her OR Bilbo... so of course Mokey is scared of her and tries to beat up on her... which could obviously be problematic... as much as it pains me I'm conscidering adopting her out to a really good home while she's still young and I'm not too attached... ugh...

This is Mokey around the same time I got Love Bug in February...

and this is the size she is right now...

you can REALLY see it in this one...

i talked to my mother about it a couple of times and she said the same as i did... i wonder if it could be a double whammy effect!? maybe she missed Smith... then when i got the baby and the baby is rejecting of her or maybe even jealous of her it caused her to become more down :( i don't know, i will take her to the vet to make sure it's nothing physically wrong with her... and if it's not i might just have to go with the flo and adopt out Love Bug... *sighs* being a mommie isn't always easy...

anyways, that's your Celestial Heavenly Ferrety update... for now... i will definitely do more later.


p.s. i also realized that one reason i'm not online as frequently is because i've been super busy at work... we're sold out through the end of the month!!! sheesh!!!
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