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playing catch up

well... sorry about playing catch up with my photo posts... it's been HELLISH at work.
my coworker, Kimla, who is the other full time person on the night audit, hurt her leg really bad on the bus last week when coming in to work! she's out for at least 6 days... I actually don't expect her this week at all either.

so i'm of course picking up the slack, including not only working by myself on some REALLY busy nights last week... but also training a girl on the remaining busy nights this weekend while attempting to get things done on both sides of the audit.

i worked 6 nights in a row then had the night off... now i'm back to 5 days in a row.

at least i'll be getting some good overtime in!

p.s. there's one other girl who knows her job and is part time but is infamous for calling out... she not only did not pick up any days but she also called out her one night this WHOLE week!

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