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Good Times!

So last weekend rocked for me and pinkpixies7! We met up on Friday night at her place so we could travel out to Larry Bradby's home in D.C. so it was a bit of distance and a half a tank of gas for me, but fully worth it! On the way there i played a game of "dodge the dirty mexicans" because there were tons of working class hispanics covered in grease who would simply run through traffic... why? meh... to cross the road! *bada-ching!*

((side story: on the way there i called my buddy, Rich, to see what he was up to since he lives in D.C. i figured maybe we could meet up if the shoot didn't run too late! well... go figure he was in BALTIMORE! ha! isn't it ironic? the rare case of me in D.C. and he's near my area?! sheesh...))

after the nutty drive there we head over to Larry's and made a million wrong "slight rights" because of mapquest's shitty directions and the lack of well marked road signs. of course afterwards we discovered a much simpler route to and from... could have helped had we known previously, but hey! we made it there!

Larry's was a blast! Faith took started the shoot, originially i was very leary about joining in the festivities simply because i haven't done any modeling in such a long time and didn't feel fully prepared either, but he has a way of really making you feel comfortable. so we had a good time with it! i can't wait to do some more shoots with him and faith! :) i also had a blast dancing on his roof with a rusty pole... crazy? yes! but good times! the shoot ran late, we didn't wrap up until about 1:30 am! Of course Faith and i had been up since uber early in the morning and i wasn't prepared to drive an hour out since i was already exhausted so i stayed there with Faith and Lecter the night. we fell asleep to a rerun of Roseanne on nick.

Saturday morning we slept in pretty late, when i woke i figured i'm in D.C. maybe Rich is back again so i called him and this time he was in Virginia! man, this guy gets around! lol! so he did come out to meet with me, he had a small fender bender but nothing serious on the way there... and Faith went to meet her friends so i drove out to meet him at Polly's Cafe for a few brews. after about 3 for me and 4-5 for Rich we picked up some Starbucks and head over to his dog park which is located in a cemetary! i was mad that i didn't bring my camera... but didn't expect to stay over so i guess i couldn't have known. he pointed out to me this really neat corner where a lot of gay veterans are buried... also in that section is a pink grave marking Hoover's Driver... and Hoover's grave not too far from there. hrmmm... makes you think don't it? well the dogs don't care, they're peeing on whoever they feel like! 0_o so i left from there and got home around 9pm finally...

Sunday, nothing eventful... i hooked up my new cable internet... other than that... relaxed and made up for the 2 days i missed with my babies...

Today, back to work!

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