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Re-inventing life

These past few years seem to have just been a downhill slide. I feel like I've been riding a roller coaster up and down for such a long time, it's ridiculous!!!

So, the top things on my mind right now?

*Weight gain and the loss: I'd like to look good for my high school reunion in August... god, I can't believe it's been that 10 years!! For some reason this weight I gained & seem to be "stuck" with since Depo will not go away, regardless of the dieting and eating healthy as always. I need to kick it up a notch and work out. Guess I've got to make some time!

*Money and lack of: Finally, I paid off the $700 for my gallbladder surgery... I still owe $700 of the $1,000 bill for my root canal & cap... and I'm currently taking care of my ARD situation... all of that is paid for, it was only about ohh... $4,000 later! (phew) So right now I am finally feeling good about being at the tail end of it. Sure, I'm broke and still in debt, but not in it as bad as I was... that's progress. If I do say so me-self :)

*March of Dimes: Times are tough for everyone, so this years March for Babies is really looking sad... last year we only made $500 total... so far we've only raised $90. We've got until April, but I'm hoping it will boost forward. It's funny how I push myself to raise and donate to the March of Dimes no matter how bad off I am... it's more important to me to take part than not to!

*My 90 Day Review: So far, so good! 90 days at the new job and I am truly enjoying it more than I have my last two jobs. This place has it's quirks, of course, all places do! But if you have ever seen The Office you would completely understand why working in a place like this is doable.... and humorous. (not to such an extreme, but this is why I find the office as funny as I do I guess, I can relate!)

Anyways, I truly hope to touch base with some of you again... sorry if I have been so far out of touch... things have been tough.... I've lost a lot of my spitfire. Some of it is still there, but I've definitely become a much more patient and understanding human bean.

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