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SN - Dean

Cleanup Crew

Posted on 2009.03.24 at 12:36
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Oi! I went through a ton of old posts and deleted a bunch where the photos seemed to have disappeared. I don't know... did I move those around in my flickr account or change the securities? Maybe... who knows! Either way, who wants to look at a big huge blank photo box? LOL

Still working on my taxes... it gets sadder every year it seems... I'm getting about $500 less back since I switched my taxes to PA and made a little less last year. That's definitely a bummer... stimulus check, anyone? please? I certainly deserve one more than the bailouts we've been handing out lately... don't get me started!

I love my new job. I work at a specialty insurance agency which deals only with bars, restaurants, night clubs, concert halls, and special events. Apparently, we insured the President's inauguration. That's pretty freaking sweet if I do say so! I'm a mere mild mannered receptionist here... which is some major down steppage for me... but it yields the same pay as I was receiving for working my ass off as a Social Catering Manager & Wedding Specialist! That says something right there... I am grossly underpaid for my abilities.

Even though I love my job, there are some rumors that a friend of mine believes a great Secretary of Accounting spot will be opening up if the current person in that spot keeps screwing up. Though I don't wish for anyone to lose their jobs... I WANT HERS!!!!!! I could be making over twice as much in that spot... with bonuses... almost 3x! ***Drools***

Maybe if I landed that job I could afford to help my parents keep their house... I love that house :( I grew up there for the most part... and they love that house too... they don't want to move! But unless my father gets a job quick.... well. That's that. I hate Gemini Air Cargo! Why did they have to act like a bunch of idiots and run their business into the ground?! All their employees are out of work and left with absolutely nothing. It's just so wrong...

Anyways... things are looking even more rough for this year thus far, if that job doesn't open up then you can count on Celestial's homemade Christmas this December! LOL

In fact, in 2007 Ivey & I raised over $1,000 for the March of Dimes... in 2008 we raised over $500... this year so far I've only raised $100!! I know the economy is sooo rough... but I seriously hope that's not all we can do! I've got until April 26th... every bit helps... I'm going to have to ask my boss if she'll let me pass the info around... **sighs**

I'll re post the information sometime soon, but if anyone's interested in tracking my progress please check out my website CONRAD'S MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER

Until next time my dearies!



profwidow at 2009-03-25 20:45 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry to hear about your dad and the house. That's so weird considering I practically grew up there, too. I hope things turn around for him soon. This economy is the super suck.
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