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stole this from midnightpixie

person who last...
slept in your bed: me

saw you cry: Ivey

made you cry: Little Smith

you went to the movies with: Ivey and Veto, we saw "Sin City"

yelled at you: Some jackass guy at work who might get fired soon anyways, so fuck that guy!

sent you an email: Kim

have you ever…
said "i love you" and meant it?: every time

gone out in public in your pajamas: Towson, but I think that's pretty much the norm there... kinda like Walmart!

kept a secret from everyone: meh... everyone has em

cried during a movie: hrmm, i remember crying to "Heidi" when i was a kid, it was the first time i had my period and my emotions went out of whack... a few others choked me up, but i'm not an easy cry

planned your week based on the tv guide: this last American Idol i watched religiously... usually i watch the Judge shows when i'm home from work at 2pm... it's good to nap to right after Springer ;)

been on stage: high school chorus

been to new york: went to Woodstock 1999

been to california: yes, L.A.

hawaii: yes, to Maui!

china: no

canada: no

south america: no

australia: no

wished you were the opposite sex: hrmm... sometimes i have, but overall i am happy as a girl ;)

what time is it now?: 7:11pm

apples or bananas?: bananas! (but i dig both)

blue or red?: red

walmart or target?: target

spring or fall?: spring! (but not this year, this year we got totally skipped for spring)

what are you gonna do after you finish this?: chill and draw up sketches for my website.

what was the last meal you ate?: coldstone icecream!

are you bored?: nah, my babies are playing around my feet :)

last noise you heard?: prince: sexy muthafucker

last smell you sniffed?: ferret food

friendship/love: Ivey

do you believe in love at first sight?: it can happen i guess

do you want children one day & if so, how many?: yes, someday i think i might pop one out ;)

do you look for in a friendship? honest, fun, easy going, thoughtful, kind, crazy

other info: coconuts!
criminal record?: i got a speeding ticket in 2001

do you speak any other languages?: i took German for 3 years in highschool, of course i forgot most of it

last book you read: Anne Rice: Memnoch the Devil (again) i'm trying to inch my way through the vampire chronicles

name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: my ferret! my bedroom set from Guam, my egyptian printed chests, swiss music box i bought overseas in 1997

who you love: my family, my ferrets, Ivey, all my friends

who you miss: little smith, meg

nickname(s): kitte, bright eyes, pookie, doll, ipo

initials: cnl

how old do you look?: 23

how old do you act?: depends on the mood and the company!

glasses/contacts: neither, 15/20 eyesight

braces: shoulda got em

do you have any pets?: my 3 ferrets, 3 betta fish, tropical fish, a mouse named noodles

do you get embarrassed: meh... sometimes

what makes you happy?: Ivey, my ferrets, art, crafts, dancing, friends

what upsets you?: assholes, ignorance, rude attitude

finish the sentence:
i love to... travel and see new sights
i miss... my baby, little smith
i wish... i had a couple million dollars to sit on!
i hope... to live my dreams out
i'm annoyed by... weird ass jahovas witness... sorry if it's offensive, but i've met quite a few and they're worse than telemarketers and genuinely selfish buttheads
i am... who i am!
i want to be... genuinely content
i would never... do that, oh no i would never do th... sorry... meatloaf moment flashback. that was horrible!
i am tired of... struggling to make ends meet just for bills
i will always be... Celestial

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