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SN - Dean

hopes, dreams, & wishes....

Posted on 2009.05.12 at 13:13
Current Mood: enviousenvious
I found this on ebay today... a Canon Powershot G7 10 Megapixel Infared Digital Camera

It's EXACTLY what pinkpixies7 and I talked about me getting... I would so rock the crap outta that thing...

I've been drooling over it all day... it's such a good price... I can't afford it, of course.

I want to get into photography... don't know why I haven't before, I've always loved taking photographs... being behind the camera vs. in front of it... I'm just more comfortable there. Especially since the stress and weight gain has taken it's toll on me. :/


Maybe someday...

p.s. if you buy it for yourself after I post this i will wait until it is delivered then kill you and take it... hehe no seriously... that was just an evil giggle.


pinkpixies7 at 2009-05-13 02:52 (UTC) (Link)
LOLZ! I know I know...what I would give! ::le sigh:: You have a natural eye for photography. Hopefully you'll get a proper camera in the not too distant future! There's always picking up a part time gig for a small amount of time!
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