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i need the snazzy

okay, so now that i can modify my account... i defintely need a theme... one that follows over for each view of my livejournal. i want something ferret-esque... (duh!) is there anybody out there with some ideas? i have super cute pictures for use, or well... check this out...

see, i love this site... it's pukishly cute... and i would love to have this woman create something with ferrets for me... but of course it says she is not accepting any work at the moment. is there anyone who thinks they could do something similar to this kind of cuteness? currently i don't have adobe on my computer (lost it, the version i had it was acting weird so now i have to get it reinstalled...) so i can't even try to make something similar myself... and once again, i suck! i'd much prefer someone who was in with graphic arts to make me something... i'm sure it'd be much cuter! i'm willing to trade or pay as long as it's reasonable ;P

okie dokie... here are some examples of cutecolors work for those who don't want to go to the site:

yes yes, cutest ever! but no ferrets...

that's something i've grown used to. the worlds 3rd favorite pet never gets the credit deserved!

anywhoo... any help?!

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