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Moraxian Photos!

So here's an idea of what I did this weekend...

As you can see, I'm a little tied up at the moment... ;)

You can view more at moraxian's website:


I think I hear a Jac Rabbit chuckling somewhere in the distance... hehe

I'm still working on moraxian sending me one of me in the Papasan chair ;) **hint!hint!**

I had a super fun time, moraxian is just awesome as always and fun to boot!

The webpage is coming along slowly but surely...

OH! Here's one thing I was able to buy myself with the extra income this weekend...

I got a pink pair of Columbia hiking boots, for my camping trip in October :) Who woulda guessed Victoria's Secret sold hiking boots?!

OH! I also realized what I had that conflicts with Fetish con... it's Horrorfind Weekend! :( I won't be able to go now because I know I'll have to work one day that weekend since the hotel is sold out!

man... sorry pinkpixies6... I guess we'll have to see about next year...

Kitte girl
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