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now that i am starting to accumulate photos again... and am working on my website... i am starting to try to figure out ways to promote the refurbished old purekitte into the new Celestial Images website.

i want to add a memebers section... which would thrive on donation base alone, but i'm not sure exactly how i should go about it... of course some of these would be professional pics i have done tfp, majority of them would be self photographs (you know i love those best!) and i would open the idea of donations to a certain gift amount... monetary or wishlist gifts... this way i might be able to buy a better camera and keep the hosting and domain. i am thinking i would make it 2 month/3 month/6 month/1 year/2 year/unlimited based on gift amounts, but right now i'm really unsure of how to do it and what i want to do with it... (btw if you are a web designer willing to help set up and help me maintainence my site every now and then i believe that's also in for trade! lol!)

another issue i think is deciding what goes into the members site... probably access to any "specific" member entries here on lj... i would love to put my webcam back up for view and do sets (also another thing needing update)... and of course a TON more images (some of them are definitely not rated for the general public) but more or less just artsy fartsy just like i've always been and sillyness and randomness... i would like for it to just be a big ole diary of me... including my history scrapbook!!! things that most of you might never have known about me... dirty little secrets AND family fun... herstory if you will!

so yea... that's currently going through my mind... things like... how the hell do i set up a managable members site... a webcam... the photos... web whore... etc...

i'm currently looking over the new ones i recieved from larry bradby... they FINALLY got here! i've got to send a jac rabbit some snail mail soon ;) i think i'll be burning cd's tomorrow if i finally get these all sorted!

that's all for now... i really appreciate ANY input about the site!!!


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