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Repo the genetic opera

Just got done watching the best new dark musical... Repo. It makes me glad that I never had a Repo man come to collect on me when I was late on a medical bill! Of course, I never had anything put in... just taken out... so I don't know how they'd handle that one. hahaha shove my nasty old gall bladder back in?!

Well, not too much to report today. I've been thinking about getting a second job just to make ends meet, maybe I'd be able to send some money to my dad here and there if I did. I'll have to put my mind to work deciding what kind of loser side job I can manage. I don't want to give up all my time either... selfish like that. I need at least one full day off a week... ugh. otherwise I'll turn into a bag of worthless.

Today I have just been trying to get my taxes done... something in taxcut keeps saying i missed it but I got irritated and left it for later. Hopefully I'll figure it out then... Apparently I made a lot less than the year before. HA! I have plenty more to say about that but it's not worth me getting into. Truly not.

I always want to get more involved in selling my art, but I've never had an easy time selling my own work... maybe one day **sigh**
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Alll by myseelllfffffff don't wanna be........

Yup. my co-worker left me to man the desk alone today... said she wasn't feeling well. prolly hung over from her mom's birthday party last night. (that cake will do it!) haha

I got my car inspected today and it passed with flying colors. (YAY!) so I'm only out $70 for that, until next year! - I miss living in PA and being able to rock that car till the wheels fall off!!! However, it does save me a lot on my car insurance. I didn't even need geico! lol

not much time to update! gotta work work work!
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Cleanup Crew

Oi! I went through a ton of old posts and deleted a bunch where the photos seemed to have disappeared. I don't know... did I move those around in my flickr account or change the securities? Maybe... who knows! Either way, who wants to look at a big huge blank photo box? LOL

Still working on my taxes... it gets sadder every year it seems... I'm getting about $500 less back since I switched my taxes to PA and made a little less last year. That's definitely a bummer... stimulus check, anyone? please? I certainly deserve one more than the bailouts we've been handing out lately... don't get me started!

I love my new job. I work at a specialty insurance agency which deals only with bars, restaurants, night clubs, concert halls, and special events. Apparently, we insured the President's inauguration. That's pretty freaking sweet if I do say so! I'm a mere mild mannered receptionist here... which is some major down steppage for me... but it yields the same pay as I was receiving for working my ass off as a Social Catering Manager & Wedding Specialist! That says something right there... I am grossly underpaid for my abilities.

Even though I love my job, there are some rumors that a friend of mine believes a great Secretary of Accounting spot will be opening up if the current person in that spot keeps screwing up. Though I don't wish for anyone to lose their jobs... I WANT HERS!!!!!! I could be making over twice as much in that spot... with bonuses... almost 3x! ***Drools***

Maybe if I landed that job I could afford to help my parents keep their house... I love that house :( I grew up there for the most part... and they love that house too... they don't want to move! But unless my father gets a job quick.... well. That's that. I hate Gemini Air Cargo! Why did they have to act like a bunch of idiots and run their business into the ground?! All their employees are out of work and left with absolutely nothing. It's just so wrong...

Anyways... things are looking even more rough for this year thus far, if that job doesn't open up then you can count on Celestial's homemade Christmas this December! LOL

In fact, in 2007 Ivey & I raised over $1,000 for the March of Dimes... in 2008 we raised over $500... this year so far I've only raised $100!! I know the economy is sooo rough... but I seriously hope that's not all we can do! I've got until April 26th... every bit helps... I'm going to have to ask my boss if she'll let me pass the info around... **sighs**

I'll re post the information sometime soon, but if anyone's interested in tracking my progress please check out my website CONRAD'S MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER

Until next time my dearies!

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Re-inventing life

These past few years seem to have just been a downhill slide. I feel like I've been riding a roller coaster up and down for such a long time, it's ridiculous!!!

So, the top things on my mind right now?

*Weight gain and the loss: I'd like to look good for my high school reunion in August... god, I can't believe it's been that 10 years!! For some reason this weight I gained & seem to be "stuck" with since Depo will not go away, regardless of the dieting and eating healthy as always. I need to kick it up a notch and work out. Guess I've got to make some time!

*Money and lack of: Finally, I paid off the $700 for my gallbladder surgery... I still owe $700 of the $1,000 bill for my root canal & cap... and I'm currently taking care of my ARD situation... all of that is paid for, it was only about ohh... $4,000 later! (phew) So right now I am finally feeling good about being at the tail end of it. Sure, I'm broke and still in debt, but not in it as bad as I was... that's progress. If I do say so me-self :)

*March of Dimes: Times are tough for everyone, so this years March for Babies is really looking sad... last year we only made $500 total... so far we've only raised $90. We've got until April, but I'm hoping it will boost forward. It's funny how I push myself to raise and donate to the March of Dimes no matter how bad off I am... it's more important to me to take part than not to!

*My 90 Day Review: So far, so good! 90 days at the new job and I am truly enjoying it more than I have my last two jobs. This place has it's quirks, of course, all places do! But if you have ever seen The Office you would completely understand why working in a place like this is doable.... and humorous. (not to such an extreme, but this is why I find the office as funny as I do I guess, I can relate!)

Anyways, I truly hope to touch base with some of you again... sorry if I have been so far out of touch... things have been tough.... I've lost a lot of my spitfire. Some of it is still there, but I've definitely become a much more patient and understanding human bean.

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Yearly story..

I haven't updated in a long time, things have been rather crazy in my life for a good long time. I know I say this to myself a lot.. but things really will calm down again and I'll return full force one of these days.

Right now I am head in the March of Dimes March for Babies. For those of you who don't know, I do this every year in memory of my son. It raises money in his memory - hopefully some children will be getting their full nine months and their help because of him and the money we've raised in his name.

please see the link below or visit my march of dimes website
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work woes (again)

ugh... i'm starting to get better at keeping up with this... unfortunately life gets crazy. for me it seems like it's crazy more than it's normal. :(

So in the beginning of July i went to the emergency room with chest pains. turned out i had gall stones and needed to get my gallbladder removed. i was then out of work for 3 weeks, should have been 2.. but for whatever reason they didn't put me back on the schedule for 3 weeks. so not only was it expensive for me to be out and get the surgery done... but that made it worse since i wasn't seeing any income for much longer than expected. i live paycheck to paycheck, so it's hard...

now i just got the schedule for this week and it looks like they tried cutting everyone's hours again! i have 3 days and the other two girls have 3 and 4... which includes 4 days in which that person on schedule will be working by themselves!!! when working the graveyard shift there you work 8 hours straight with no break, usually they leave you no food, and you have one person doing food and beverage audit, the other person doing front desk (rooms) audit, and both of you cover the front desk for any questions or late checkin's, and answering the phones and dispatching. This means on any given night you are doing at least 2 jobs with someone else there doing 2 jobs. If you are by yourself you are doing at least 4 jobs.

what upsets me most is that i'm by myself all 3 of the nights i am working next week... i am doing all that work and will see a lot less pay for it. no breaks. no food. no money. more work.


if things weren't so bad with the economy right now i'd have no problem telling them to shove it and walking out... but all places are doing this right now! they're all seeming to be cutting hours, cutting employees, cutting budgets.... it's disgusting! i KNOW for a fact that this hotel is not making any less money! i count it at the end of every night!!!! they simply want to cut budgets back and cut back the people so that they can see more sitting in their bosses pockets at the end of the month... that will ensure their jobs, but what about the people who actually RUN the operations of the hotel? if we all quit our jobs would we see a manager step in to run the show?? no... they wouldn't know how.

ugh... guess it's that time again to break out my old dusty resume and work on it... it's been exactly one year that i've been working at this hotel again. it's been one year since i had issues at my last job. i'm starting to wonder if i'm not cursed!!!!

p.s. - anyone out there conscider themselves great with resumes and want to look mine over for me?

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